Tullius Chiropractic

Tullius Chiropractic specializes in balancing the nervous system through safe, gentle chiropractic techniques.

We live our lives through our nervous systems yet we rarely give any thought to them until we have some sort of problem or condition. At Tullius Chiropractic we know that your body has an inborn intelligence that runs over and through your nervous system, keeping your body in its natural state of health. It is the reason you have not had to think about your heart beating as you read these words. Subluxation, a misalignment of the spine that affects the nervous system function, can cause devastating effects on your health and optimum potential. That is why we focus on the detection and correction of subluxation and the resulting nerve interference throughout one's life, not only when in a time of pain or dysfunction.

Chiropractic Office Front Desk
Steve Tullius

Dr. Steve Tullius is a health visionary transforming the global consciousness of healthcare. He is the current Secretary of the California Chiropractic Association and speaks nationally on Chiropractic and natural health.  He is committed to teaching, speaking and awakening the healing consciousness in each of us.

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“Charle's wheezing is finally gone!!! I give full credit to the chiropractic adjustments! Both Sarah and Charlie have slept great after adjustments.”

-Adria B.

“Steve has a magical touch and cares very deeply about my well-being. I am so happy we have him in our area.”

-Janet S.

“I used to have chronic headaches and neck pain. Now I get maybe one or two a year.”

-Julie H.
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